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National Girls Initiative (NGI) Innovation Awards

Application Submission Requirements

Applications should include the following:

  1. Application Cover. The application cover should specify the name of the lead agency for the project and contact information, including an address, telephone number, and primary email address. In addition, include the names of the lead staff for the proposed project and their email addresses.

  2. Abstract (500 Word Limit). Provide a brief description of the proposed project goals and activities.

  3. Statement of the Problem (2 Pages maximum). Provide a narrative explaining how the needs of girls and young women are not being met in the state or community that would be served by the project. Include whatever current data are available to illustrate the problem or explain why data are not currently available.

  4. Project Description (4 Pages maximum). Identify which of the above Funding Priorities will be addressed and describe what will be done. Include the goals and objectives of the project and a summary of project activities that will allow you to achieve those goals and objectives. Identify the geographic area to be served; describe the population of girls that will be impacted ( age, race/ethnicity, percentage of girls detained for status offenses.). Describe any products to be developed. In addition, address the following questions:

    • How will you ensure that project activities reflect or address the lived experiences of girls and young women who are at risk of entering, or who are in, the juvenile justice system?

    • What is your proven track record for developing policy and practice to improve the lives of girls at risk of or involved with the juvenile justice system?

    • How do you - or how will you - engage stakeholders such as state juvenile justice coalitions, public agencies, community-based advocacy organizations, direct service providers, and others critical to the success of your proposed project?

  5. Capabilities and Competencies (2 Pages maximum). Identify the organizations and individuals responsible for implementing the project. Describe the mission and priorities of the lead agency, its governing structure, membership, and capacity to implement the proposed project. In addition, describe the role of organizations that would serve as project partners and explain why their participation is necessary to achieve the goals of the project. In addition, describe the qualifications and experience of proposed staff and include their resumes as an attachment to your application.

  6. Accountability (2 Pages maximum). Provide a brief description of how you will measure work progress and outcomes including, but not limited to, the implementation of planned activities, the completion of short-term objectives, and the overall impact of the proposed project on the intended long-term goals of the project. Include a description of the following:

    • Process Outcomes Describe how you will track the timely and successful implementation of project activities, participant and key stakeholder satisfaction, changes to the planned activities, relevance and appropriateness of materials, information and presentations for the target audience, etc.

    • Impact Outcomes: Describe how you will measure how well the project’s short-term goals and objectives have been achieved (e.g., number of key stakeholder meetings planned and held, implementation of new policies and programs planned and completed, expansion of coalition/alliance membership planned and accomplished, number of staff trainings developed and conducted, etc.).

    • Impact Outcomes: Describe how you will measure your projects impact on the projects’ short and long-term goals (e.g., passage or adoption of innovative policies and programs, new partnerships, changes in perceptions and approaches of key decision makers regarding girls and young women in or at risk of becoming involved with juvenile justice, factors contributing or hindering project goals, unintended consequences of the project, etc.).

  7. Budget for Innovation Award. Applicants should provide a detail budget that is complete, allowable, and cost-effective in relation to the proposed activities and shows the cost calculations demonstrating how they arrived at the total amount requested, e.g. hourly rate, level of effort, indirect cost, etc. The budget should cover the entire award period.

    For questions pertaining to budget and examples of allowable and unallowable costs, see the OJP Financial Guide at The Budget Narrative should thoroughly and clearly describe every category of expense listed in the detail budget. AIR expects proposed budgets to be complete, cost effective, and allowable (e.g., reasonable, allocable, and necessary for project activities).

    Applicants should demonstrate in their budget narratives how they will maximize cost effectiveness of grant expenditures. The narrative should be mathematically sound and correspond with the information and figures provided in the detail budget. The narrative should explain how the applicant estimated and calculated all costs, and how they are relevant to the completion of the proposed project. The narrative may include tables for clarification purposes but need not be in a spreadsheet format. As with the detail budget, the Budget Narrative should be broken down by year.

  8. Letters of Support. Attach letters of support from all coalition, alliance member agencies and organizations and collaborating partners stating their support for the intended project and their expected role(s) and responsibility(s).

Application Formatting

All applications should be within the stated page limitations, single-spaced, using a standard 12-point font (e.g., Times New Roman), with 1-inch margins. Applications not meeting these formatting requirements will not be considered.

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